This is not to mention the very real danger of being killed by one of these tougher predators, which is a leading cause of death to adult and sub-adult cheetahs. Cheetah cubs are regularly a target of hyenas and lions, as these rivals seek to remove any competition they can, by any means necessary. In encounters, the cheetah usually successfully runs away, using it’s natural best attribute – it’s speed, and does not stay to fight or defend itself since it is well aware of the difference in strength and disposition. Except in the case of a mother defending her cubs, in which she will overrule her better judgement and engage the attacker in order to give her offspring a better chance of survival.

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The whole thing was a sad lost opportunity for both Poland and Czechoslovakia. Together, we could have forced Hitler to fight much earlier, him much worse prepared, or get him to back off altogether. Or to get his military to shot him, which they were itching to. This story is a very good lesson for today, this is why I do not put the whole “Polish side of the story” here, there were much larger issues on the table than some schoolyard insults to settle. I repeat, that lesson is important today.

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