Vike just do it t shirt
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Ok Lady Vike Softball Fans….the vote is in and it is a tie! (Honest!!) Someone brought up a good idea, the blue design on a grey shirt….what do you think? We can order both t-shirts, but they will probably cost a little more due to the number of each we will be ordering will be less!
Just a thought, let me know what you think!

Vike just do it shirt

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Vike just do it t shirt

Erin, just do it. Get the shirt. Ha, I can’t wait to wear mine when we play the vikes. I live in western Wisconsin and go to school with a bunch of Minnies. Who all going to the game on Sunday I be there cheering on the Vikes..I still have these game pants who needs them for this Sunday?? Call me. One of THEE best T-shirt parties ever!!!! People better get a clue! Even Russ Parr gets it (Yeah. He was there too)! Oh. And btw…those mighty Vikes ALWAYS do it right!!! Can’t wait for the Halloween party!!