Like there are people who are trying to make ends meet and then there are others with more than 4 cars.) Anyways, I was so pissed. I was a straight-A student. I brought it home and I found a school paper from the True Crime in your face vintage shirt moreover I will buy this beginning of the year. It was something that gave the teacher permission to touch a student if he/she got hurt. I guess I forgot to turn in the form. So I grabbed it cut off the bottom for a parent signature, and taped it to my quiz. I asked my dad to sign it. He didn’t even ask what te paper was. And the next day when I went back to school I put it on the teacher’s desk. Even after that day, she still hated me. Except – one day there was a problem with the plumbing in the prep room. I forget what it was but they had to call somebody in to repair some of the old copper pipes to the sinks where the bodies were washed and where the embalmer washed him/herself up afterward. The repairs involved some soldering of the new pipes. Routine stuff. At the end of the war, the Netherlands experienced a terrible winter and in January 1945, Queen Wilhelmina pleaded with Churchill, Roosevelt, and Britain’s King George VI for help. In a letter sent to all three, she wrote, “if a major catastrophe, the like of which has not been seen in Western Europe since the Middle Ages, is to be avoided in Holland, something drastic has to be done now.” I saw her with a group of travelers in a Chinese restaurant in Nukualofa, the capital. She was tall, blonde, buxom, and sounded American. I tried to talk to her, but she took no interest. Then it was announced everyone was going to a nightclub, the only one in the land. I went, along with a German guy I’d met some days earlier and was sharing a hotel room with, to economize. I’d begun to believe he might well be gay and was feeling nervous about this realization, as I am not gay. Just two years later, Baldwin III died and Amalric ascended the throne – but only on the condition that he set aside his wife (Baldwin’s mother) Agnes de Courtney. Agnes was duly disposed of, but Amalric’s children of his marriage, two-year-old Baldwin and his year-older sister Sibylla, were explicitly recognized as legitimate. They remained at court with their father.

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