That’s great. And it’s fantastic he achieved it. Kudos. But this happens to many people so I’m not sure how this is a story for a world wide news gathering group. Auditor to examine an area in the part of a countryside in order to assess its value to society and value-for-money that creates spending power for the Brazilian currency. Value as in the countryside’s potential GDP and GDP per capita.

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 A major banking corporation like Santander Bank to open a retail bank branch there. Encourage the establishment of village business entities and cultural centres that create small art handicraft groups specializing in custom made products.

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A Blaupunkt loudspeaker component nestled in a cocoon shape housing to create impeccable accoustics? Wooden speaker with Blaupunkt loudspeaker component in it? Etc… With special trademark permission from Blaupunkt of course. Open small eateries that generate significant revenue, or revenue on investment.

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