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According to the Three Jean Moon shirts are at least 5 other coverings that they can wear that do not hide the face.At least should be banned anywhere anyone else covering their face would be expected not to at schools, banks, courts, etc. You can dress perfectly modesty without hiding your face, or covering yourself in black robes actually.
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I bit that they will take the Three Jean Moon shirt and find them lovely ! If morality is about not causing harm to others. How are sex toys immoral? guess the ladies will just have to make use of From the country that sees nothing obscene about people squatting by the side of the road in a busy street to defecate.

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Then Three Jean Moon shirt is sexual violence against women n children that take place daily in India thought to be ? Moral acts ? Hypocrisy at its best !but there are so many brothels in india, they had to trafic women from thailand just to meet demandsWhen is for a woman , they call immoral.