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Then March came crashing down on all our doorsteps and everyone’s hopes for the year went up in smoke. Yet somehow, I spent quarantine doing something I don’t think I’ve ever done in my entire life—not worrying about my hair. It’s true I’ve had a couple of years to prepare for this, but I leaned into it in a way that surprised me. With the myriad anxieties COVID-19 has brought, it was profound to witness that my hair was no longer among them. As silly as it sounds, I used to fear that if I went on a road trip for longer than 10 days, I would have to dye my hair in a motel room. Now I’m shocked that it took me this long to accept my true colors.

Just A Girl Who Loves Crows for Women Crow and Raven Lovers shirt

Not only do I no longer feel insecure about my locks, I actually love my grays. I lucked out with the shade and contrast, getting white highlights against a dark backdrop that makes me look somewhere between Susan Sontag and a hot version of Cruella de Vil. If I were magically offered the chance, I’m not sure I’d even want to go back to my original obsidian hue. Now, silver is my calling card.

Just A Girl Who Loves Crows for Women Crow and Raven Lovers hoodie

If anything, this year has taught me to cut out the things that cause me the highest amounts of unnecessary stress. The best wellness routine I’ve found is really nothing at all: no more trips to the salon, no more mixing the bleach and the color, no more pinching my nose at the ammonia smell. No more keeping a hair color pen in my bag at all times in case I needed an emergency touch-up, or hoping the bar would be dark enough so that no one would notice my roots. All of that is gone. Now it’s just me and my grays. And, to be fair, a really great purple conditioner. I’m not that far above my own vanity.

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