2008 was a turbulent year. Hollywood suffered a lot of bad effects from the strike of the American Script Association (2007-2008). Breaking Bad’s first season was scheduled to have nine episodes but then was cut to just seven.

But it turned out, the difficulty at that time became a great starting point for Breaking Bad. HBO’s popular TV series The Sopranos has just ended, Mad Men has only been shown for a while and Breaking Bad with new and attractive content quickly spreads the irresistible charm to the audience. Bad also knows how to make the character realistic, not falling in the “perfect” path like other works. They can make mistakes, have good points but also bad points. Typically the image of the character Walter White. Walter’s process of change made the audience always wonder whether to hate or like him. On the one hand, they sympathize for a man wholeheartedly for his family. But on the other hand, they also feel fear of the character’s brutality gradually revealed.


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