There’s merit in investing in timeless pieces like quality jewelry and clothing that are built to last (even though purchasing a Cartier watch may not always be plausible). In the Some grandmas play bingo real grandmas watch her Dallas Cowboys shirt In addition,I will do this long run, it’s more advantageous both economically and for the environment to invest in fewer, more expensive pieces crafted to withstand time, rather than indulging in trend-forward pieces that may not hold up physically or aesthetically after a few wears. Buying quality jewelry is not just about achieving a good cost-per-wear ratio— investment pieces are about longevity too. A classic piece that feels perfectly aligned with your style tends to age with grace, making it feel even more valuable as time presses on. Maybe the watch or ring you buy now will become a family heirloom, or maybe it’s something you’ll want to wear for decades. A classic trench coat will always be a wardrobe staple in transitional weather. From quality jewelry to clothing, here are the investment pieces that will stand the test of time and may even be history in the making. Read that again, and the idea of a T-shirt being “worth” $5 might seem preposterous, if not criminal. How is it possible that all of those materials, logistics, and people amount to just dollars or cents? Many of those costs are fixed; the price of cotton isn’t negotiable, even at scale. The person who made the T-shirt, on the other hand, is a lot easier to exploit. It would be reckless to claim that every low-priced good was made by an underpaid laborer, but it’s also just simple math. “It really blows my mind,” Ryan Roche said on a recent call. “I can crunch the numbers, and even with the cheapest fabrics, I don’t understand how it’s possible. Someone is sewing that T-shirt, and they’re being paid pennies.” Fast fashion’s exploitation and hidden supply chains aren’t new revelations, but when we talk about the mistreated workers or the environmental impact of disposable clothes, we’re ignoring a third impact on the consumer. The “race to the bottom” has totally ruined our perception of value; we literally have no idea what our clothes (or food, or anything else) should cost, and low prices have become so normalized that we don’t even second-guess them. In fact, despite statistics that suggest millennial and Gen Z shoppers care deeply about sustainability, the fast fashion market is actually growing—and the clothes are getting cheaper. It doesn’t help that luxury is getting more expensive in tandem.

Some grandmas play bingo real grandmas watch her Dallas Cowboys shirt

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