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Oh well now I know why I’m a mess because I’ve been humiliated abused physically men emotionally and spanked and slapped in the Snoopy and Venom shirt Right about the time that spanking became taboo was the same time as when all of the children of the country started having rampant mental issues. Physical abuse such as beating, brutalizing or any of the sort that traumatizes, Snoopy and Venom forbbiden.
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Ain’t nothing wrong with getting your butt whooped especially when you have more than one kid. Also the Snoopy and Venom shirt for eating tide pods, so maybe a couple of spankings is not so bad. A question for those who agree to not spank their kids: what other methods do you implement to keep your kids disciplined.

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You think mom could teach them a lesson for this Snoopy and Venom shirt by spanking them instead I dont have kids but I spank hahaha mara mara. Yeah, let’s just stop disciplining our kids and let the Justice system do it later instead. Not if you leaving in Hispanic family they will always do it even if your 24 lol Not at my house, I will not be raising something that I have to bring on Dr.