Pennywise IT Adidas Hoodie
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Here’s a video of my Grandma B opening the portrait on Christmas Eve. She’d probably cringe at the thought of a video of her floating around the internet, but she’ll get over it. Opening my store to sell the last of remaining 2018 calendars as well as throwing some new prints up! It will be open for 2 weeks! Also have my Sailor Squirrel Pennywise IT Adidas shirt  available which was designed specifically by Endless Tee for me, combining two things I love and thought some of you would also like it. My profit on the Pennywise IT Adidas shirt will be donated to wildlife rescue. I also will be selling Socks with a cute chibi version of me as Dr Strange through another company later this week, so keep your eyes out for that!

Buy it: Official Pennywise IT Adidas hoodie

Pennywise IT Adidas Hoodie

Official Pennywise IT Adidas Hoodie

Official Pennywise IT Adidas Sweater