According to Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Official Die Tut Nix Die Will Nur Wein shirt Consitution, everyone can run for president who is a natural-born US citizen, at least 35 years old, and has been a US resident for at least 14 years. The US system performs pretty well in this regard. Hell, it even allowed someone like tiger-loving Joe “Exotic” Maldonado to run for office. It distorts policies in favor of swing state voters. In a good electoral system, candidates should be incentivized to make policies that benefit the entire nation. In the US, it’s much wiser to focus on policies that help to win swing states. Donald Trump, for example, was smart to favor coal over alternative energy sources. Many swing states, such as Pennsylvania, have a large population of coal workers. Tailoring his policies to their (minority) interests significantly helped Donald Trump to carry these states.

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For most parts of the US election, this is true. Official Die Tut Nix Die Will Nur Wein shirt However, try imagining what happens if there was a tie in the electoral college – a scenario that wasn’t unlikely in nearly all of the recent elections. I bet that even among educated Quora users, only a small minority knows what would happen in this scenario. In fact, the procedure for a tie is so bizarre that it might have even resulted in Paul Ryan to become president. Time Magazine describes the process here: Here’s What Happens If the Electoral College Ties Register voters automatically. In Germany, we get our voting documents by mail a couple of weeks before the election. Simple, comfortable, fair.

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