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Mitch NVP shirt

You probably already have a talisman. Maybe it’s a “lucky” shirt or necklace you wear to a job interview, a figurine you keep at your desk, or a song you play when you need to pump yourself up for a difficult conversation. Superstition is not new to the Mitch NVP shirt human race, and crystals are just one glittering version of attaching your hopes and dreams to something tangible. These objects and rituals work not because they have magical abilities, but because you can work backwards from them to find out what you actually want. When I hold a stone with certain properties, I am reminded to ask myself why I reached for it in the first place. I ask why am I finding something so hard to communicate, or where this supposed negative energy is coming from, and think about what I might do about it. It’s not just crystals that have this power—if you feel the need to start a 10-minute meditation app, you may start to think of what in your life might be driving you to open that app so often. If a certain tarot card makes you think of a person in your life, well, why did they come up?