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Messy Bun Coffee Run Gangsta Rap Get It Done Shirt! Likewise, whoever said I love the Blessed Mother, and never once prayed the Rosary, it is not about loving the Blessed Mother. Therefore, the rosary beads are attached to the Blessed Mother like a shadow with a picture. Loving the Blessed Mother is to pray the Rosary, and then to love the Blessed Mother. Understanding like that, we see how important the rosary beads to Our Lady!

This argument makes those who remain indifferent to the rosary beads need to be reviewed. Messy Bun Coffee Run Gangsta Rap Get It Done Shirt! Therefore, on October 7, 1979, when she appeared to Father Don Stefan Gobbi at Lo Duc, Our Lady said: “The Rosary that you read during the prayers, in response to the invitation. Her earnest call will be like a great chain, united with love and salvation. You continue the Rosary, increase your prayer with the Rosary. She appeared in Lourdes as the Immaculate Mother.

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