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For the colder months, they’ve dotted the Life’s a risk carnal vintage shirt  space with a hearty amount of heaters. Plus, there’s a retractable roof, so a winter drizzle or flurry won’t dampen the dining experience. Tropical apres-ski is an inherent paradox, but that’s the only way to describe the winterized vibe of NoLita restaurant Wayan. They went all in on building their Indo-Chalet, a covered curbside space with hanging heaters, lush potted plants, tealights, and black teak tables. (Five of these tables, we might add, come with two-tiered cooktops allowing guests to grill their own chicken, lamb, scallop, or shrimp satays in whatever marinade they so desire.) Then there’s the warm cocktails: Wayan is serving up an Indonesian-style Hot Toddy and a concoction they call The White Elephant—rum, tamarind, chili, and honey.

Life's a risk carnal vintage shirt

Buy this shirt:  Life’s a risk carnal vintage shirt

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