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I’m not for a minute trying to downplay the Official Kevin Harvick Nascar Winner Shirt and I will buy this crisis we are living through right now, or the thousands of lives it has already claimed, or the scary spikes we are again seeing in countries like France and Italy, where the virus had seemed to be under control. (And out of of precaution, I did decide to self-quarantine after my return to New York.) But what I learned these over these two weeks is that if the pandemic will be with us for a considerable time to come — and it seems likely that it will be — then there are ways to adjust to it and perhaps return to something that vaguely resembles a normal life. I’m no longer convinced that I have to go back to monk-like existence I’ve lived since March 15, mostly confined to my New York apartment and venturing out only for socially distanced walks with friends and quick, heavily protected visits to the grocery store. Instead, a new future tentatively beckons.

Official Kevin Harvick Nascar Winner Shirt

Provincetown has embraced coronavirus protocols with determination and vigilance. Here are some observations from those two weeks on the Official Kevin Harvick Nascar Winner Shirt and I will buy this road. For my trip to Michigan, I flew out of LaGuardia and flew into JFK. In both cases, the airports seemed cleaner than ever before, security lines were short, people were socially distanced, and with few exceptions most bars and restaurants were closed. Hand sanitizers were everywhere. I flew Delta, which so far is keeping to its policy of blocking middle seats, and which greeted each passenger with individual packets of Purell. (More would come later in the flight.) Everyone kept their masks on, except to take a sip of water or nibble one of the snacks that were handed out in sealed plastic pouches.

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