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“Everything had to have more detail and texture, or it would have all blended together in a mush of grays,” Kimberley Spiteri tells Vogue. As the head hair designer on set for Netflix’s Mank, filmed by David Fincher in black and white 8K (maximum resolution), Spiteri meticulously transformed Amanda Seyfried and Lily Collins into 1930s-era historical opposites. Seyfried plays Marion Davies, the glamorous, platinum-haired Hollywood starlet linked to media billionaire William Randolph Hearst. Collins, on the Inauguration 20 2021 Biden Harris shirt other hand, channels her natural-born instincts as British stenographer Rita Alexander, “the prim and proper secretary” who helped screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz record the script for Citizen Kane. Describing the mood on set, the word “focused” comes to Spiteri’s mind. “You needed to be performing at the highest level.”

Inauguration 20 2021 Biden Harris shirt

Buy this shirt:  Inauguration 20 2021 Biden Harris shirt

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