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We’re talking about evolution. Everybody knows about evolution, more or less, but there are aspects of evolution that I learned more recently, and when I verified them with my friends, they were also unaware of them. Domestic animals all evolve from wild stock, so the wolf became the dog, but how did this happen? I’m going to tell the story of how we speculate it happened, but there was something unusual. All domestic animals have white patches; they have smaller teeth than their wild cousins, they have flatter skulls, and they have curly tails. If you think of goats, pigs, rabbits, cows, sheep, dogs, cats—they all can be spotty. This is something that occurs in the domestic stock, but not in the wild. Why? This is something that science has discovered recently, so I’m addressing that. Another aspect is we always know about environmental pressure changing an animal—so a fox that lives in New York and migrates north after a certain point will become white, because it’s in the Arctic—but behavior can change animals, and it can change it quite fast. So my line is: There are consequences to sex between nice and kind individuals. If kind and nice individuals mate and have babies, they could eventually have domestic animals.

Mother of dragons mother's day mom & dragon lover shirt

I have to say that animals make me laugh. It started like this. I’ve always liked animals since I was a little girl, and I would have always loved—I always dreamed to work with David Attenborough, to be his personal secretary when I was a little girl. But he had a personal secretary; he didn’t need me. So one day, when I started to make my own films, I thought, well, there are so many wonderful films about animals. What do you think I can say that has not been said? And it was the comical aspect.

Mother of dragons mother's day mom & dragon lover hoodie

Well, I’m an entertainer at heart, and my muse is animals and biology—it’s also sex, because it’s about animal reproduction. I could have done animal digestive systems—it’s very interesting, some of them have no teeth, have four stomachs—but don’t think I’d find the audience. (Laughs.) I was always interested in animals, and when I started to work less, both as a model, and then as an actress, I went back to university, and I have a master’s degree in animal behavior and conservation. So what I’m saying is very correct scientifically because I’ve learned it, and I have some wonderful scientists—like Diana Reiss, who studies dolphin communication, like Brian Hare, who writes wonderful best sellers, books about dogs and the domestication of animals—all of them participate and help me in the writing so that I am absolutely sure it is scientifically correct. And then I try to translate it into comical form.

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