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Maybe you think Hallmark was very worried. Hallmark is a brand associated with traditional cards. The company sells them through 43,000 retail stores in the US, 3,000 stores in Canada and many other locations in 100 countries around the globe.


Hallmark will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2010, it’s an iconic brand and is managed to exist at the same time.


Cards still occupy an important position in the business activities of the company. Each year, Hallmark produces 19,000 new and redesigned cards, along with related products, including merchandise for banquets, gift wrap, and decorations. Today, Hallmark cards combine everything from Disney features to sounds from popular movies, TV shows and music. Hallmark also uses the internet not only to provide e-cards, but also as a way to offer private, printed cards that Hallmark sends to customers via mail. Not bad for a brand with something of a family background known as the Hall Brothers, starting with the production of picture postcards in 1910.


But only cards that don’t work well for a company with sales of around $ 4.5 million. Hallmark has built a variety of ways to leverage brand names in areas outside the core business.


A byproduct of the brand that has achieved success in a very special way, this product has the TV show Hallmark Hall of Fame, which dates back to 1951. This is the beginning of television, when the nothing new was sponsored, the Hallmark Hall of Fame showcased classical and literary programs of Sopropia in the early years of existence, followed by original and edited plays. repair. This television show continues to be done periodically. It has won 79 Emmys since its appearance.

Snoopy this is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching shirt


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