Fix your hearts or die Michael Barnes shirt and hoodie
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“THIS TOO, SHALL PASS” – With a multitude of interpretations, not only does this idea apply to bad times, but it also applies to the good times. “Everything is temporary,” or an idiom such as; “Time heals all wounds” are other variations of the same idea.

Fix your hearts or die Michael Barnes shirt

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Fix your hearts or die Michael Barnes shirt and hoodie

1.) Dealing with something unpleasant at the moment? Not to worry! Don’t unpack your things…and do-not-dare stay in the dark place. Whatever negativity you’re facing will fall away, pass on, or die off & the good stuff will begin-again. I can assure you! Proof of this little gem…this little “glimmer of hope” is that those of us who have endured similar experiences before you, are waiting for you to pull through it! 🏋️💪🏿
Like the cheering crowd at a gaming tournament, we are patiently anticipating that moment when you finally beat Bowser at the end of the Mario Bros game, and come to celebrate with us once it’s over. We are here, it’s just quiet right now because we are watching you play that last, really tough level…and hey, we have to be quiet right now…because you need to focus if we want you to win! 🕹🎮👏🏿

2.) Alternatively; Are you having the time of your life right now? Congratulations! We really are genuinely happy for you. However, it baffles me how many of us have something or someone who is very special right in front of us, yet we take that special magic for granted. What’s really tragic is how some of us only position ourselves to truly appreciate that magic in hind-sight. After it has gone away. 😖😧
So…could you do us a favor? Please be sure to cherish that person, place or thing while-they-are-there-before-you. Because not only are there folks not enjoying their experience right now, but also because that amazing time you’re having? Heads up…it too, will inevitably….pass on.