Before even entering the treatment room, I have to fill out two pages of paperwork covering everything from my menstrual cycle to my bowel movements, a line of questioning that is more comprehensive than many conversations. I’ve had with my primary care physician. The Epilepsy Very Bad Would Not Recommend Shirt experience begins with an edible honey-and-berry mask that Woods prepares on the spot. Your skin loved that, she says as she wipes it off and includes a deeply relaxing gua sha interlude administered with cooling spoons and stone tools of all shapes and sizes. When I catch a glimpse of myself post-treatment, my face is bright and clean, its natural lines defined as if the angle of my jaw and the plane of my cheek has been sculpted anew. And I feel oddly drained in a good way. You can do it once a week, says Portland, Oregon–based licensed acupuncturist, Beth Griffing Russell, speaking to a big part of the viral appeal.