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Those decades of investigation have yielded a new book, In the Big dick nick shirt of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of US Global Power, which investigates America’s use of cyberwar, space warfare, trade pacts, and military alliances and reveals the contours of the shadow war that Washington wages to maintain its status as the world’s sole superpower.

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I recently asked McCoy to tell me about the Big dick nick shirt, the world of covert interventions, the deep state, and whether Donald Trump is accelerating the fall of the American empire. Nick Turse: You first gained notoriety 45 years ago when, as a graduate student, you set off to a war zone to explore the nexus of CIA covert operations, the heroin trade, and the war in Vietnam.

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You traveled the Big dick nick shirt, walked into an ambush in Laos, and were targeted by the US government. How did you do it—and why? Alfred McCoy: The “how” was simple. I just followed one lead to the next from Hong Kong to Saigon, Bangkok, Rangoon, and Paris until I had circled the globe on a life-changing voyage of discovery.

But the “Big dick nick shirt” was more complex. I was driven to understand the political dynamics of a war that was destroying three Southeast Asian countries and dividing my own. Not only is America the most powerful and prosperous empire in the history of the world, but it’s also the least studied and the least understood. During the Cold War.