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That’s all very well for fashion resellers, but what about fashion originators? One possible answer lies in what Hermès artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas told Vogue last year. “I remember my grandfather telling me as a kid, I heard him tell me, literally, that “luxury is that which you can repair.” And he told me that back in the Mickey Mouse Camouflage Shirt and I love this ’60s, the ’70s—back when people didn’t care about repairing. Today we understand how important it is because you don’t waste. When you think my bag needs a good repair but it can be repaired and continue to live alongside me, that’s a wonderful feeling.”Inside the Hermès repair workshop Photo: Alfredo Piola / Courtesy of Hermès

Mickey Mouse Camouflage Shirt

Building repairability into accessories and clothing does indeed unlock the Mickey Mouse Camouflage Shirt and I love this “wonderful feeling” that fashion has been contorting itself to rediscover the source of. And yet along with Hermès, only a few old-school or more-recently enlightened brands offer in-house repairs. Probably the most notable service is that of Brunello Cucinelli, on the basis that after you’ve purchased the object in question all subsequent repairs are free—he really is offering a lifetime of wear from a single garment. Also excellent are the repair and re-soling services offered by traditional shoemakers such as the 1829 founded British company Tricker’s. Every Thursday the firm’s Instagram feed @trickers_shoes features one of the 100 or so overhauls that customers send in each month. Billie Crabtree, who runs Tricker’s social media, kindly got in touch with the factory’s repair manager, and reported back: “The oldest pair the manager has worked on was over 40 years old… and there really isn’t a pair that he cannot fix.” Tricker’s might be heavier than your average pair of sneakers, but their footprint is infinitely lighter.Tricker’s overhauls about 100 pairs of shoes and boots a month. Photo: Courtesy of Tricker’s

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