Buy it: 2020 NFC west division Champions Seattle Seahawks signatures shirt

2020 NFC west division Champions Seattle Seahawks signatures shirt

For the 25 in memories of KC Jones 1932-2020 NBA Champions shirt  array of mouth-watering offerings, Fishwife is sourcing both internationally and domestically. Their sardines and mussels are from the coast of Galicia, a region with one of the richest conservas traditions. “The oceanography is such that the cold waters of the Atlantic mix with pure river water from the mountains, creating a perfect environment for harvesting fantastic fish and seafood,” explains Goldfarb. For species that they can readily source from the Northern Pacific, like salmon and tuna, they’re working with independent domestic fisherwomen and men. “In speaking with fishermen up and down the west coast, we learned that many had lost revenue due to a drop in their restaurant sales during COVID-19, and were looking for other routes to market,” says Millstein. “Tinned products, which are shelf-stable, can provide an alternate revenue stream.” While tried-and-true favorites such as the sardines in olive oil with natural lemon and herby garlicky mussels will be available year-round, the pair says Fishwife will be “keeping it spicy” with small runs of seasonal, domestic tinned fish releases as well. Fishwife is releasing their first limited drop in partnership with fisherwoman Kat Murphy, who runs her own salmon fishing business, Katfish Salmon Co. in Southeast Alaska.