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T Rex dinosaur crafty girl shirt

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We are at the beginning of an T Rex dinosaur crafty girl shirt… We must bail out the American worker! There is only one candidate advocating for free universal healthcare, guaranteed paid leave, and domestic vaccine manufacturing! We need free universal single-payer healthcare, now more than ever! Medicare For All costs less, expands benefits, saves lives, and is good for the economy! Anything short of that lets people die! The good things about Corona it spreads blindly. No discrimination on the basis of race, religion, and region. Although the elite has more resources to survive at least they also have equal chances to get it.

The health of the public at large? Thanks to Germany that there is a mandatory state-wide health care which is criticized by US so often. We have T Rex dinosaur crafty girl shirt. Fear mongering, class stratifying NYT once again pits group against the group to divide the nation during a stress event proving they don’t have the best interest of their readership in mind. Really, the people commenting are a special kind of stupid. You will realize when it implodes where you live!!! it is much worse than is being reported. Stop just thinking about YOU and think about those around you. This is the biggest hurdle to public health. People care more about themselves than the community around them.

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