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Snoopy tattoos nurse fighting Coronavirus shirt

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I feel like I am only keeping Hulu to watch Bob’s burgers design and I have been watching it a lot Snoopy tattoos nurse fighting Coronavirus shirt Only show my son will actually hang with me and watch. The pressure will be increasing as the numbers swell. People in areas with low infection rates may feel the squeeze if this doesn’t work. He spent the last week talking about opening the country up for Easter & sacrificing people to save the economy. Earlier today he bragged about his ratings on COVID briefings being better than the Bachelor on twitter while NY recorded it’s highest death total so far. You can’t make this stuff up. God help us.

Remember, it’s only Sunday. He could totally go the opposite way by Snoopy tattoos nurse fighting Coronavirus shirt. Stability and common sense are traits you never see with this guy. Brilliant, calm, cool, and collected doctors, with years of handling people in crisis and pandemic, know just how to handle all of this and the president. Inspiring to watch them work. I’ll bet anything that this is the reason his daily “Gaslight Theater” was delayed an hour and a half. Advisors were begging him to change course. Am I the only who thinks the government numbers don’t add up follow me for a minute: they say there could be up roughly 100-200k deaths and up to 1-2 million cases with the death rate between 1-2% of that. Let’s even go 3% of deaths of 2 million cases on the high end of that it is 60k deaths. They just don’t add up.

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