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Official Heart Texas nurse shirt

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Shawna Kerr- our uneducated Sally worked at a school all right Official Heart Texas nurse shirt. She worked as a playground supervisor. That explains the rant about the “overpaid” teachers! Does she sound a little jealous and clueless? So! You think a person, who maybe is unable to further education is below you? See teachers do a job. Just like the rest of the world. They are no better than the rest of us.

You missed my Official Heart Texas nurse shirt. This person is criticizing a teacher for making too much money for doing her job without giving her credit for her years of preparation for that job or the number of years it took her to advance to that pay level in that job. My reference to her being “uneducated” came from her judgment of that teacher without ever once been in a classroom as a teacher. Don’t judge before you’ve been there!

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