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Official Final Fantasy VII shirt

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We are so excited this Saturday will ve so special, first my niece and we’ll use those handsome guys Official Final Fantasy VII shirt The last time I saw you, guy, I was 12 years in Phoenix Arizona. It was my Birthday gift. My mother surprised me was the best 1st concert I have ever been too I lost my voice and from the first stage I couldn’t see you as well it was at America West Arena. But you guys had a second stage OMG Brian and Kevin saw a poster I was holding up and waved it was so Amazing. I grew up loving and listening to your music and I can believe now you’ll be close to Home in Ohio now and I get to see you guys again OMG I can’t wait.

Guys I would love love love see Official Final Fantasy VII shirt ..I see y’all going be in Noblesville Indiana I use to live up by their now I’m in Evansville IN come to Ford Center. This is my first time seeing you guys in concert and I’ve been listening to your music since I was 5-6 years old. The first band I ever fell in love with. I cannot wait to see you guys in July! I cannot believe I’m getting to see you guys for the second time within a year, I’m blessed to be able to go and to go with my mom! We love you guys.

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