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My favorite coastie calls me mom shirt

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If the dogs were growling and acting aggressive towards the child and you have not done anything to correct it that’s kind of My favorite coastie calls me mom shirt. Now the dog has bitten the child and you wonder what to do. I think you know that you have two options to get rid of the dog or put it down. It sucks but like you said your child comes first. Would you play actual Russian roulette with your kid? Because having that dog around is no different! Society needs to change its attitude towards dogs!

I need My favorite coastie calls me mom shirt. Try training when the dog started showing aggression not after it’s bitten the kid it’s time for it to go. Like I said it sucks but your child’s safety comes first. I never said the only option was to put it down I said either rehome or put down. Also, those are my options OP has to make their own choice about what risks they are going to allow in their house. I love dogs and it’s sad this is an issue but is it fair to the dog who is in his old age to have a young child all over it because obviously it doesn’t like it. And to call me an idiot and just leave it at that is just weak sauce.

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