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Make America Exotic Again shirt

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I wonder how many pharmacy folks came in contact with this Make America Exotic Again shirt before they knew what they had and first handed meds over for a misdiagnosis. It’s not even just the contact we have, it is that we are all part of the healthcare system and without ANY of us, the system would fail. How unfair for someone to dismiss a pharmacist or tech as NOT counting. Shame on them. Pure ignorance. She can keep her coffee, and I challenge that non-essential barista to come spend a night in the hospital without a pharmacist reviewing her meds, or responding to her codes. Take the pharmacy team out of the equation and census would go way down, really fast.

In some places pharmacy techs, pharmacists and interns are also being told that the masks Make America Exotic Again shirt. I was a tech for a little while and I transitioned into occupational therapy. I went from ignored to invisible. It irks me so much to always be overlooked while being looked down on. I try to let it slide but some days it truly hurts to give so much to so many and never get any appreciation especially standing right next to physical therapy who are looked at like gods. When I was doing my 6th-year rotations (I was on a rotation with Kroger), I had to give a presentation to a panel of employees at a hospital. And in the end a NURSE told me that I wasn’t a healthcare worker because I worked in a grocery store.

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