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I got a Peaceful easy feeling shirt

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At the very least, whether you believe in climate change or I got a Peaceful easy feeling shirt, Greta is making people discuss the issue (I don’t include the trolls who find it acceptable to verbally abuse a young girl). This planet is being polluted by humans. The wildlife is being eradicated by humans. Anyone who tries to make a difference has my full support……(Now troll me as much as you want…I don’t care. ) Keep up your work, Greta. You are making a difference. Ranters have their own mission. Don’t let that get on your way. I didn’t mean to dismiss your point. All I am saying is that whether she is the first one or not, she is getting people talking and I think at high personal cost (in my opinion) so why people (not saying you) share such unpleasant comments here about her.

The aerosol cans used for the mural can’t be good for the My heart belongs to a Fireman shirt. How many spray cans did he have to use for that? really good for the environment aerosol cans wow! The cans are hazmat you can’t throw that away you actually have to hazmat those out. Awesome and well done! The mural looks brilliant… She’s an amazing person doing such greatness for our planet and those who inhabit it, humans and animals alike. And how much gas emitted by those aerosols? Not to mention 30,000 people traveling into Bristol and the traffic disruption causing yet more diesel fumes… A really great contribution to increasing climate change! It’s amazing the new energy created by this girl, the power of injustice, and also even more astonishing is the inability of people to be moved by this momentum. And what about the horrible spray which artist used on making her picture, this spray adds more pollution, total crap.

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