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Hello all you cool cats and kittens shirt

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If you would watch the way the baby sucks from the huge nipple you gave Hello all you cool cats and kittens shirt, you would see that the flow of milk is way too fast and obviously too big too because he can’t comfortably put his mouth around it! So you need to stop doing that ASAP! Invest in a better bottle, please! Baby monkeys also “comfort nurse” on their moms so they feel safe and loved… Martin needs to be able to mimic that with a smaller bottle. And you seriously need to stop laying him down on his back to feed and after feedings! Please give him love and cuddle with him… Remember he’s just a BABY! These videos make me cringe with how horrible you are treating him!!

Martin is thinking why am I here, what is this big hard cold object that is being shoved in my tiny Hello all you cool cats and kittens shirt, who is this big bright colored strange smelling thing holding me precariously in her palm and feeding me strange food? Mummy! Where are you my dear sweet soft furry mother? This is all too bewildering for me! Mum, please save me!! A robot could be a useful tool like the other tools in our lives. It shouldn’t be a replacement for human interaction. Maybe one could take the actual dog for a walk or change the kitty litter for an actual cat. I’ve seen some of the people working at nursing homes. I would absolutely trust a robot over some of them.

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