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Cactus Aunt sharp and beautiful will stab you shirt

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I need Cactus Aunt sharp and beautiful will stab you shirt. My son told me quite seriously at age 4 that he wanted to get married. When did I ask why? He said so I’m not alone when I get old. Break my heart. All my three kids did this to me and they are all girls almost every day they would bring me a ring of mine and kneel down in front of me and ask mommy would you marry me? Set off the fire alarm cooking myself dinner after the kids were asleep last night. Thankful they sleep through anything, it’s the getting to sleep that’s the issue.

The “how do you think that made them feel or why do you think they might have said that?” I want Cactus Aunt sharp and beautiful will stab you shirt. Then say they can choose to be sad/angry/hurt and that’s ok, talk to another person and tell them that and why but then they choose how they let that wound heal if it’s going to be ok after or leave a scar. (I might also say the same thing to both about the other person can have a huge impact on if that wound heals or leaves a scar).

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