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How convincing is World’s greatest guitar you wouldn’t understand shirt I saw one movie in theaters a few years ago that nearly convinced me that the MMR vaccine had a link to autism until I did actual research that same night. People would rather watch crap on TV then have to do the teal work of understanding a complex problem. Any teacher could have told you that. I’m sure it was garbage, but doesn’t censoring it just give the crazies something to grab at? And then we complain about authoritarian countries doing this same type of thing with the same argument/justifications.

Absolutely sensational that this post has been put up. Everything in that video was 100% accurate World’s greatest guitar you wouldn’t understand shirt. The agenda has been revealed. Truth wins. Natural selection over a number of failed generations has compelled underachievers to breed among themselves. They have now achieved critical mass in the US, and Trump is their illiterate, attention-deficit poster boy. I was embarrassed to see this idiocy circulated by people I count as friends, who further took the repeated removal of the video as proof of the conspiracy. My respect for a few people has tanked.

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